Collapsible Air Fryer Silicone Liners for 8QT & 10QT Rectangular Air Fryer Silicone Pot, Reusable Silicone Air Fryer Basket for Air Fryer Accessories
  • Collapsible Air Fryer Silicone Liners
  • Collapsible Air Fryer Silicone Liners
  • Collapsible Air Fryer Silicone Liners
  • Collapsible Air Fryer Silicone Liners
  • Collapsible Air Fryer Silicone Liners
  • Collapsible Air Fryer Silicone Liners
  • Collapsible Air Fryer Silicone Liners
  • Collapsible Air Fryer Silicone Liners
  • Collapsible Air Fryer Silicone Liners
  • Collapsible Air Fryer Silicone Liners

Collapsible Air Fryer Silicone Liners

🍟 Kangde Silicone Factory is famous for its excellent manufacturing technology and excellent silicone products. As a leading manufacturer of silicone products (silicone kitchenware, silicone baking mats, silicone molds, silicone toys, silicone baby products), we are committed to providing high-quality, extremely safe and infinitely creative products.

🚿UPGRADED EASY CLEANING: The manufacturing process of Kangde air fryer silicone liners has been improved for easy cleaning and is even dishwasher safe. Simply rinse away grease and stains with ease, offering protection for your air fryer basket. Say goodbye to cleaning headaches and enjoy long-lasting durability.

👍3D GREASE DRAINAGE DESIGN: Kangde special drainage system allows grease to flow to the edge of the silicone air fryer liners during cooking. This provides optimal contact and space between the food and hot air for the best frying results.

🗺COLLAPSIBLE DESIGN: The reusable air fryer liners can be easily stored in a compact, folded form when not in use, saving you valuable storage space. The two side "ears" can be used as handles for removing the liners from the air fryer, or for hanging the liners on kitchen hooks when not in use, making them extremely convenient.

💯QUALITY MATERIAL: Made of food-grade silicone that is BPA-free and fluorescent-free, this silicone liner for the air fryer basket allows direct contact with food and can withstand high temperatures up to 450°F. It is 2mm thick, making it very stable when inserting and removing from the basket.

❤️WIDE APPLICATION: Compatible with a variety of appliances, including toaster oven, steamer, microwave, and Instant Pot. The perfect air fryer silicone liners for Ninja Foodi dual DZ201.
  • Collapsible Air Fryer Silicone Liners
  • Collapsible Air Fryer Silicone Liners
  • Collapsible Air Fryer Silicone Liners
  • Collapsible Air Fryer Silicone Liners
  • Collapsible Air Fryer Silicone Liners
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Product name

Collapsible Air Fryer Silicone Liners 


2.00 usd


Silicone, Platinum Food Grade Grade Silicone


Pantone Color / Accept Customized color


Accept Customized Logo


Normal packaging :1pcs/opp bag

Box or other packaging can be customized according to clients' design


Highly Welcomed

Lead time

10-15 working days



Kangde Silicone has more than 20 compression molding production equipment, allowing us to efficiently mass produce silicone molds. Our strict product quality control system ensures that every silicone product meets our high standards.
We provide a variety of wholesale interesting silicone molds, silicone kitchenware, silicone baking mats with bright colors, cute patterns, fashionable and interesting.
In addition, our professional design team is committed to providing comprehensive OEM and ODM services for your silicone bath toy needs, from initial design concept to mold making.

Our professional team ensures that every product undergoes rigorous quality control, adhering to the highest industry standards.

Whether you seek bulk orders or personalized solutions, we are equipped to accommodate your requirements, making us your trusted partner for premium silicone mat.


5.0 out of 5 stars Must Have!
I got tired of cleaning my air fryer tray every time I used it, so I got these. They help so much! Just pop them in, cook, take them out and throw them in the dishwasher.

5.0 out of 5 stars Love these
These liners for the air fryer work awesome. They clean up easily and my air fryer stays clean. They are pretty durable

5.0 out of 5 stars Worked great
I just got these delivered today and they've already made me a believer! Worked great and the clean up was quick. You get two so you always have a clean one. Hine sight is 20/20... I wish I had these on the first day of using my air fryer. I highly recommend.

5.0 out of 5 stars Just As Advertised Easy to Clean
They are relatively thick. These will not tear, easily. Easy to clean. These baskets are a great idea and a great product. We used these in each of the Air Fryer styles and they worked and held up fine. Thumbs up.

5.0 out of 5 stars So Easy
As if the AF wasn’t already a super small appliance, these silicone food holders just are over the top. I put a dz spring rolls in this item and cooked perfectly, then popped in the second item with mozzarella sticks and done. Both crispy and hot. Basically no clean up on the food liners but no clean up with AF. Wasn’t sure at first when purchasing but love these liners now. 

5.0 out of 5 stars Air fryer reusable silicone liners
These are great! Makes clean up easy and fast! Highly Recommended!!

5.0 out of 5 stars Love it
Absolutely love these. Easy to use and easy to clean.

5.0 out of 5 stars Makes everything better in Air Fryer
It’s the best way to heat up leftovers or any food that’s loose. Makes the fryer easier to clean
Silicone bowl can go right to the table

5.0 out of 5 stars very helpful for air fryer
My air fryer is always becoming a huge mess and it's a pain to clean and then it only stays clean very briefly. I had been contemplating getting some of these and after reading up on them I decided to go for it.

These come rolled up and initially have a weird shape, but after leaving them to sit out on the counter they became more like the shape they're supposed to be.

I used the red one in my air fryer and increased the time by a couple minutes and the end result was great! My chicken turned out just as crispy as usual but there was no mess to worry about. These are much easier to clean than the air fryer!

I had seen reviews on similar products where people said that they had burnt or melted in the air fryer, but mine seemed completely unscathed. It looked just as good as before aside from some small amounts of chicken residue.

It does get very hot so don't do what I did and try to lift it out with your bare hands!

Really like these and I'm excited to have an easier time keeping my air fryer clean!

5.0 out of 5 stars Reusable Bowl; Avoid Mess In Air Fryer; Great Value for Cost
your food into the silicone liner, and cook it as usual. Instead of taking apart the cooking tray and cleaning it (which isn't a huge time sink or anything), you just take out the silicone liner and wash it - even faster than the already relatively quick clean-up. The liner is dishwasher safe, too, which is nice if you get it really oily.

I'm a big fan of this because we like to cook pot-sticker dumplings and chicken wings in the air fryer. Both of those things can get pretty messy, and this makes cleanup a breeze.

If you're looking for a liner for your air fryer, this is a good one. Getting two for under $10 makes this a great value for the price.

Definitely recommend!

5.0 out of 5 stars Impacts air fryer's ability to cook but is super east to clean up
Adding a container like this to a convection environment like the air fryer does impact it's ability to move the air and cook faster so you will have to add some time when using this. However, these are super easy to take out and throw in the dishwasher since they are made from silicone so the time you add in cooking is time saved in cleanup.

The walls on the liner are good enough to hold themselves up but don't expect them to act like the sides of a bowl. They are not rigid so you should only plan on the bottom of the liner supporting the food.

They are great for throwing in a single or double serving of something into the air fryer without needing to clean the basket.

5.0 out of 5 stars Better than expected!
We have a smaller Farberware Air-Fryer that we use these Reusable Silicone Liners in. They have a sturdy design and arrived with no noticeable odors. First use was salmon with honey garlic sauce and even though the liner looked like it had burned-on sauce, after cooling down the liner and using a degreaser-style dish soap, the little bits came away beautifully with a soft brush. It cleaned up easily and still looks new! NOTE: we don't use any sharp tools on the liners. Also, we removed/cut off one of the handles on each liner so that the drawer on the air-fryer could close evenly. These also can be used in a microwave oven!

5.0 out of 5 stars perfect for the air fryer
These silicone liners for the air fryer are perfect. They make for easy cleanup and who doesn’t love that. They fit perfectly in a 4 quart air fryer. They wash very well and after they’re dry you can roll them up for easy storage. I haven’t had any issues with them. I will definitely use them again, they do not burn your food or leave any after taste or anything like that it’s perfect
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Step1: Inquiry
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Step4: Shipping ( 7-15 days)
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Frequently Asked Questins
Q1: Are you manufacturer?
A: We are the professional manufacturer for silicone products,located in Gugangdong. We are different from other trading company is that we have our own factory,design team and production lines.
Q2:Do you accept customize requirement?

A:yes. We have skilled designer. we can provide design to you.


Q3: What's your MOQ?
A: Our MOQ is 200~1000pcs,different products are coming with different MOQ.
Q4: Will you offer free sample?

A: Yes, we can make the sample as your requirement, but we will charge some sample cost

and it will be returned to you when you place the order.

Q5: What's the production time?
A: Usually takes12-25 days
Q6: Can we print some pattern on the product?
A: yes, you can print the pattem you like or we can design some patterns for you.
Q7: Do you accept OEM/ODM?
A: Yes, we welcome OEM/ODM order.
Q8:What's your payment?
A:T/T,30% T/T payment in advance,70% balance payment before delivery.L/C at sight is also accepted.
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