Warmly welcome to our company Huiyang Kangde Silicone Rubber Ware Co., Ltd, which is specializing in producing kinds of plastic/silicone products, like silicone kitchenware, including cases for tablets and mobilephone, keypad, consumer electronic assessories, silicone outdoor gear, silicone toy and gift,
Kangde has been working hard for years on converting up-to-date technology and machineries into quality silicone rubber products. 
Kangde is a world-leading supplier of OEM and ODM silicone products
With lower MOQ, an experienced R&D team, complete product lines, and unequalled responsiveness, Kangde is now the top manufactory with 22 sets vulcanization machines, 8 lathes, 2 rubber mixing machines, our quality products have gained good reputation in global market , led by Kangde entrepreneur, President He and his strong team, total silicone-related sales are now over 20 million RMB($3.5) million USD annually and gowing. 
Kangde upholds the business philosophy of "customer first" and quality principle of "quality of ......

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Safety and green decoration
Focus & professional

Since its establishment in 2003, Huiyang Kangde Silicone Rubber Ware Co.,Ltd. has accumulated rich experience in production and research and development. It has a production workshop of more than 4,500 square meters. It integrates R&D, design and production of silicone products. The Kangde rubber products manufacturer has nearly 200 production personnel. And the R&D team is your best choice for cooperation.


Repeat inspection layers of checks
Advanced equipment

Modern silicone product workshop and silicone mold workshop, 100,000-level dust-free purification workshop, injection molding and other production equipment CNC machining center, EDM spark machining equipment, automatic UV transfer machine, high-speed engraving machine, automatic spraying line, automatic screen printing machine , Injection molding machine, silicone automatic hydraulic press, rubber mixing machine, CNC cutting machine and other large and medium-sized advanced equipment and precision testing instruments.


Category range to create a comfortable living space
Quality service

The online customer service will reply in time within 60 seconds and provide a fast quotation within 3 hours. We have a one-to-one quotation engineer for silicone products for customized users. Samples will be delivered within 3-5 days, and shipments will be within 7-10 days! Provide you with quality service quickly. Provide you with quality service quickly.


Excellent quality and lightweight fast
Mature technology

With mature silicone product processing technology, it is one of the well-known silicone product manufacturers in China. It has advanced testing technology and complete quality control equipment. It strictly follows the ISO9001 international quality certification system to manage and control the production process to ensure that the qualified rate of silicone products reaches 99%the above.



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